Insurance policies are not light reading.  In fact, they are like mazes within mazes, often containing circular references, seemingly arcane and inconsistent language between and across the documents and dead ends.  Sometimes, finding the right path may prove difficult, or even illusory.  If you are a policyholder and you are trying to read a policy to determine your rights and obligations, then chances are something went awry.  


The firm provides coverage counsel services to help policyholders navigate their insurance landscapes.  We counsel and represent clients regarding insurance coverage and claims for all types of insurance products, including: 

Personal Lines: homeowners, personal auto, property, life, financial products;

Standard Lines: commercial general liability, commercial auto, workers compensation, excess,  umbrella, professional liability, surety bonds, credit, fidelity, contingency, reinsurance;

Specialty Lines: employment practices liability, directors and officers, errors and omissions, terrorism, cyber liability;

Healthcare Insurance: group and individual.

Coverage Counsel services include review, assessment, consultation and representation in connection with insurance coverage and claims.  We work to help clients fully understand their rights, obligations and all available options. We find that this approach provides clients with valuable tools for sound decision making. The firm also provides representation and, if warranted, litigation services for insurance coverage matters.          

Please contact us for a free initial consultation to see if we can help with your insurance coverage matter.